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Preparing for Birth

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There's a lot to learn before you give birth! This course will help guide you through the many decisions you'll be faced with from the beginning of your pregnancy to the delivery of the baby.

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| Preparing For The Big Day | Your Birth Plan | Alternate Birthing Location - Birthing Centers | Alternate Birthing Location - Home Delivery | Hiring A Doula | Labor Coaches and Midwives | Hiring A Baby Nurse | Baby Shower Invites | STARTING LABOR | Signs Labor Is Near | Arriving At The Hospital | Admissions Tests | Blood Tests | Inducing Labor | Labor Pain Management | Possible Side Effects Of Labor | Medicated Versus Natural Childbirth | GIVING BIRTH | Birthing Positions | Birthing Ball | Giving Birth | Fetal Positions During Delivery | Other Birthing Complications | Cesarean Section | AFTER DELIVERY | Naming Your Baby | Important Documents | Sending Out Birth Announcements | Bonding After Birth | Stimulating Oxytocin Release | Your Baby's APGAR Score | Common Procedures After Birth | Newborn Screening Tests | Hearing Tests | Circumcision