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Nursery and Baby Gear

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Cribs, dressers, strollers, car seats... the list of things you need to purchase for your baby seems endless, but if you take one thing at a time, you'll see it's easier than you think. This course helps you choose products and gear for your baby by informing you of the possibilities.

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| Car Seats | Stroller and Baby Carriers | Diapers | Bottles and Pacifiers | Choosing The Color Of Your Nursery | Choosing A Crib |  Federal Crib Requirements |  Crib Recalls |  Crib Safety Tips |  Choosing a Bassinet |  Baby Monitors |  Common Nursery Items |  How to Eliminate Toxic Exposure In The Nursery |  Car Seats |  Choosing The Right Car Seat |  Safety Standards For Car Seats |  Basic Parts Of A Car Seat |  Installing Car Seats |  Registering Car Seats |  Your State’s Car Seat Laws |